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We provide value to our clients in two distinct ways.

Living Spaces Powered By Urbaneer

Urbaneer Designs, Technology, & Furnishings applied to our clients site-built living spaces.

Turnkey Modular Homes

Urbaneer Designs, Technology, & Furnishings applied to our modular home models.

Designed smaller,
lives larger

Our three standard floorplans are designed to provide a low-maintenance lifestyle. 

Urbaneer's compact designs specifications have a proven value for both builders and occupants.

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Curated Finishes and Furnishings

Urbaneer has created a productized approach to living spaces. We have created standard features and options for our different floorplans that reflect the desired occupant experience.


These finished spaces can then be furnished through our interior design and integration partner in order to best serve the space and greater project context.

Wellness Ecosystem 

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Living space wellness (1)_edited.jpg

Urbaneer provides this environment through our partner ecosystem that delivers life as a service: a comprehensive suite of services and care.

There is an abundance of wellness tech that can monitor and support the health of home occupants, but the missing ingredient is a consistent home experience in which data can be responsibly collected and aggregated. A home environment designed cohesively for wellness from the start has a far greater impact on the health outcomes of occupants than individually retrofitted products. The result is a living environment that enables our home occupants to create a higher quality of life.

Creating Living Experiences that Enable People to Travel Lighter Through Life (1)_edited_e

Turnkey Modular Homes

We partner with developers to create wellness-focused communities featuring Urbaneer Homes. Our modular partners can provide the same living space experience described above, but in a productized home that is built in a controlled environment. 


Urbaneer's modular partners deliver our homes to the project site and our partner network can finish and commission the home for your occupants.  

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Urbaneer is based in Traverse City, Michigan, but does consider out-of-state projects. We typically take on projects with at least 8-10 units.

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