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Who are we?

In 1986 my wife Brenda and I heard Ross Perot speak at Arizona State University. His message was simple. While a billionaire at the time, he and his wife were no more happier than they were when they had everything they owned in the back of their car when they were first married. He said wealth brings stuff and stuff breaks and you need people to manage it. His point was, it is possible to be happy without the stuff. I wish we had really listened and heeded what he shared that day in Tempe.

Three countries, five states, twenty something moves and thirty eight years later we are almost there. Along the way we experienced a range of living environments from small apartments to 5,000 square foot homes.

We didn’t realize at the time that our many experiences were leading us on a journey. Each move was a puzzle piece. While in Barcelona we lived in a 900 square foot apartment that years later became a guide to helping us un-do what had become of our oversized lives. It took us 3 homes and 14 years to get back to a more minimalist lifestyle that felt the most comfortable to us.

Our purpose today is to help others on their journey to travel lighter through life. While not for everyone, there are a growing number of us out there that want to focus less on our stuff and more on the limited time we have on earth. To accomplish this, we are building  communities that enable healthy living experiences for those in their third chapter. Learn more about Third Chapter Living with our blog.

- Bruce Thompson | Co-Founder & CEO

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